About Lentikit

Lentikit is a work in progress, it will become a set of tools for producing and adjusting images for use with lenticular sheets or barrier screens to produce 3D autostereograms. The full featureset is not decided, nor will it ever be.

So far Lentikit is the work of a single person, though contributers are very, very welcome.


March 30, 2004

Version 0.1 is now available. Still working up to a semi usable point. Main changes are: tidyer GUI, background loading of thumbnails when a project is loaded, some documentation!.

March 4, 2004

Version 0.0.5 is now available. With this version Lentikit should now be getting to a semi usable point. Some features added are: printing (very alpha), frame mode, calibration tools.

A first attempt at converting this site to xdoc is underway.